I am a full time fire fighter based at Woollahra fire station in Sydney.I have managed the peer support program in Fire & Rescue NSW working with the Black Dog Institute and SANE Australia on research programs aimed at improving mental health literacy and outcomes in firefighters. I am trained in mental health first aid, suicide prevention and assisting individuals & groups in crisis. I currently use these skills to work voluntarily as a member of the Critical Incident Support Program speaking to promote mental health in fire fighters and to help reduce the impact of trauma on their well being.  I’m also a part time physiotherapist, personal trainer and volunteer surf lifesaver. I am a 2012/13 World Masters Women’s Surf boat rowing champion and Australian Open bronze medallist.

Originally a born and bred Londoner, I moved my life to Sydney Australia nearly 20 years ago. I am the creator of the website and fortnightly blog ‘A life in the day of a fire fighter.’ I share my insights into fire fighting, grief, health and life. I have been featured in two newspaper articles in 2013, a cover story in the local newspaper and a feature article in the weekend edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ever since my brother’s death I had held onto his diaries with the intention of doing ‘something’ with them. I was acutely aware of the tragic beauty of his writing and an overarching sense that he wanted them to be read. Some twenty odd years after his death, the time finally seemed right and I began transcribing his diaries. The break-up of a relationship in my late thirties thrust me into reliving my teenage grief and so began a vomit of words onto the page. As the writing unfolded I began to feel an overwhelming sense that somehow by telling mine and my brother’s story between us we could shine a light for others as they navigated their darkest days.


I was born in North London in 1971 to an English mother and an Indian father. At 18, I was selected to take part in an expedition to Zimbabwe which gave me a taste for charity work and adventure travel. I have since pursued these passions completing further charity work in Africa and Australia as well as undertaking numerous treks and bike rides around the world.

I hold an Honours degree in Physiology from Edinburgh University, from where I graduated in 1994 as well as a bachelor of applied science in Physiotherapy, graduating with distinction from Sydney University in 2000. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer.

I have worked both in the hospital system and in private practice as a physiotherapist, pursuing my passion for sport and health. I currently run my own business as a part time mobile Physiotherapist, treating patients with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

I have been a volunteer surf lifesaver and competitive surf boat rower for over ten years. I’m a late developer, so it wasn’t until I hit my thirties that I began to fulfil my potential as an athlete, winning several state medals, World and Australian masters titles, an Australian Open bronze medal (2013) and representing NSW (2012/13) age 42. Sport and the outdoors are two of my passions so in my spare time I take part in Adventure races, recently completing my first 24 hour race as well as a marathon.

I’m a foodie, a health freak with a passion for chocolate and red wine and a traveller with a mild case of adrenaline addiction. I can often be found hopping off a fire truck in order to pat the nearest friendly looking pooch.

In 2005 I became a full time fire fighter for Fire and Rescue NSW where I currently hold the rank of senior fire fighter.