A deeply affecting memoir. Tara’s courageous book tracks the nature and process of destruction, and more than this, the crucial reconstructions that can follow

Alex Garland, Oscar-nominated film director and best-selling author


Insightful, moving and Informative

Jane Garvey, BBC Woman’s Hour


This is, without question, the most beautifully written, sensitive, balanced account of grieving that I have ever read. This book is going to be an absolute "must read".

Patrick Casement, psychoanalyst and award-winning author


Reading Tara Lal's book Standing on My Brother's Shouldersaffected me deeply. As a person with a lived experience of suicidal ideation, it opened my mind and memories to truly understand the impact of suicide on the family members left behind. Even though it opened some old scars, it gave me an opportunity to reflect and see things from another perspective … The wonderful part of this story has been the opportunity to learn from the book and learn from the author – an extraordinary person who continues to share her love for life and those she has lived with and for.

Allan Sparkes, inspirational keynote speaker, best-selling author and former Deputy Commissioner of the Mental Health Commission, Australia


Tara’s writing is raw, honest, beautiful and thoughtful. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has themselves experienced suicidal ideation or mental ill health as well as to anyone who loves someone who has experienced these.

Dr Timothy Sharp,The Happiness Institute


What a beautifully written book. Touching and sensitive and a piece that I am sure will help in a difficult time.

Gus Worland, radio and TV personality and founder of Gotcha4Life 


Deeply moving and profoundly sad, at times this book somehow finds a way to give you hope and show you that good can come after tragedy. Importantly, it provides a detailed, insightful and authentic account of the tsunami of destruction caused by suicide on those left in its wake – which still today often remains unspoken. It is a must read about a topic we desperately all need to understand more about to help ourselves and our families, friends and communities cope better with mental illness and strive for mental health.

Professor Kirsten McCaffery, Sydney University, School of Public Health


Tara's book grabs you by the heart. The journey she has taken and the courage and humanity that shine out of this wonderful memoir are truly inspiring. Tara unflinchingly deals with difficult but universal themes: loss, need, anger – but suffusing the whole is a loving and hopeful tone. For anyone who has lost a loved one, and may be dealing with some very difficult emotions, I thoroughly recommend reading this book. It will shine a light!

Wanda Whitely, former Publishing Director, Harper Collins Publishers


When she was young, Tara suffered two terribly cruel losses from her life in quick succession. The compounded grief could have left her emotionally wiped out for life, but instead, she learned from it in a most profound and moving way.  She is now one of the bravest people I know, a woman of great competence working as a fire-fighter, rescuing people from burning buildings. She is an emotional and physical warrior. She knows vulnerability well, but has learned how to live beyond loss, to make a meaningful life. Her story will stay with you and inspire you forever.

Dr Margo Orum, psychologist and author


This is the honest and at  times raw telling of the story of a strong but vulnerable firefighter, as she struggles with, and is transformed by, the legacy of grief associated with the childhood loss of loved ones. Those on a similar journey will find guidance, inspiration and reassurance in this open, heartfelt book.

Susan Burton, psychologist


Poignant, moving, enlightening...

Abigail Hatherley, composer  


The most beautiful and moving book I have ever read.

Vicky Arlidge, musical comedian and composer


I was enthralled. Tara’s words are both beautiful and compelling. Her compassion, empathy and understanding for the feelings and motivations of others are truly inspirational. We can all gain something from her writing. I recommend this book to everyone I know.

Genevieve Elliot, author of Screaming in Silence


Rarely does an author deal with themselves and their journey with such searing honesty and insightfulness. Tara's ability to look at her life, her thoughts, actions and decisions enables the reader to truly engage and wrestle with the most difficult of emotions at their own personal level. You are not just reading, with interest, of someone's life; you are there asking the same questions of yourself and learning compassion along the way. An extraordinary book.

Jennifer Davis, psychologist


Tara’s inspiring story takes therapy and moves it into real life. Her resilience comes from tenacity, intelligence and openness to new experiences. She persisted with study, work and relationships, using her courage and adaptiveness to create a life worthy of her and the people she loves.

Tony Merritt, clinical psychologist


I loved this book. So many times it expresses fears and doubts that we all have in a succinct and yet profound manner. Tara’s gift is to involve readers so completely in her journey that they, as I did, see the parallels in their own lives. I found it truly inspiring.

Clinton Batty, psychologist